Our Vision

At All Saints we have a vision of what it means to us to be Disciples - followers of Jesus - living together… [more]

Our Vision Our Vision

Luke 17 – Who?

Jesus is heading for Jerusalem.  The heady days of Galilee are behind. Has the mood changed? … [more]

Luke 17 – Who? Luke 17 - Who?

Luke 16 – The Great Gulf

If you didn't like the word HATE in chapter 14 look away now. The concept of hell is very unpleasant… [more]

Luke 16 – The Great Gulf Luke 16 - The Great Gulf

Luke 15 – Lost

I don't know where it fits in the word count, but this chapter feels like it sits at the very heart of… [more]

Luke 15 – Lost Luke 15 - Lost

Luke 14 – Who would YOU invite?

Jesus is invited to the home of a "prominent" pharisee.  I wonder why? Is this man a genuine seeker… [more]

Luke 14 – Who would YOU invite? Luke 14 - Who would YOU invite?


Hello. I'm Stephen Gardner, and I'm the vicar of All Saint's Church. I'm glad you've found us online, and hope you enjoy browsing our website. You might be surprised to hear that church for us is more than a Sunday morning, in fact it's bigger than the whole of a Sunday... it's 24/7. Church is being family and that's why there's a whole lot more to us than Sunday mornings.

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