Church History

The foundation stone of All Saints Church was laid on All Saints Day 1911 and the Church was consecrated on 12th April 1913 by the Archibishop of York.

The Church was built by Charles Thelluson esq of Brodsworth Hall to serve the model village of Woodlands.  The cost of building the church was £8,500, including the spire the design of which was changed between 1911 and 1913.

Local stories tell of the spire being added so that the new Church could be seen from a particular bedroom at Brodsworth Hall where a family member spent their time – According to contemporary newspaper reports the spire was always planned – what seems more likely is that the design was changed to make the spire more visible.

The Church was built as part of the late Oxford Movement, which means its fittings and design favour a more sacramental style of worship, but over the last 40 years the Church has been less sacramental and more informal in its style.
A large nave platform, more comfortable chairs and most recently a new kitchen, toilets and an upper room mean that All Saints is a much more flexible place for worship, but we still have some beautiful examples of “arts and crafts” design.  Check our Virtual Tour to see some of the amazing windows and fittings at All Saints.