Previous Vicars

Rev A.H. Maudson        1909-1910

Rev G.H.Ranking           1911-1915

Rev C.W. Janvrin          1915-1919

Rev J.C. Barker              1920-1923

Rev W.A. Kendall         1924-1927

Rev L.L. Knighthall     1928-1936

Rev H. Ferraby             1937-1943

Rev R. Robson              1944-1953

Rev C.J. Hodge             1953-1970

Rev G.R. Mansfield     1970-1980

Rev J.A. Hawley          1980-1991

Rev M.J. Godfrey        1991-2003

Rev S.J. Gardner         2005-present


Rev George Ranking was the first Vicar of the Parish of Woodlands.  Mr Maudson led the congregation in the Mission Hall, sited where the Fire Station is now.  Mr Ranking went on to serve as an Army Chaplain and with Mr Gibbs, the first assistant priest, became one of the millions of casualties of the First World War.

All subsequent Vicars of All Saints have sought to live up to the selfless love shown by Mr Ranking whose Commanding Officer said of him “In him was nothing lacking”.  We pray that it would be true of all his successors.