Luke 7 – Who is Jesus for?

Luke 7 – Click here for the Audio Version read by David Suchet

Who is Jesus for?

That’s the question that Luke is asking of us in this Chapter.

  • Who does Jesus encounter in this passage? 
  • The Centurion – A representative of the foreign occupying power
  • The Widow – alone without children she is at the very bottom of society
  • “Even the Tax collectors” – the most hated bunch of collaborators
  • The Woman – whom Simon the Pharisee calls “sinful”

The dialogue between Simon (pharisees were very particular about keeping God’s law – and letting others know how good they were at keeping God’s law) and Jesusin one sense describes the whole of this chapter.

Simon identifies the Woman as the outcast and himself as the Godly Righteous Person. 

Jesus is ministered to by this Woman in a way that Simon does not.  By not doing so he treats Jesus with disrespect – a snub – and now a sinner – who is also a woman – does what he should have done, and does it in an incredibly intimate way.

Jesus points this out – commending the woman and challenging the pharisee.

With the Centurion he declares faith beyond that which has found “in Israel” – with the widow he cares about someone who is beneath notice – he rounds on those who criticise him and John for their behaviour and says they behave like brats!

Where does Jesus find faith? In the outcast and the foreigner.

Where does Jesus bring healing and restoration? To the least, the last and the lost.

Who gets challenged and rebuked?  Religous people!

Who is Jesus for? 

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