Luke 10 – It IS your job!

Luke 10 – Click here to hear David Suchet read this chapter

And then it’s as if Chapter 10 never happened!  It’s as if Luke was giving us a hint of what was to come – you know – that bit in a movie when someone says something ominous and the music goes dark for a moment and then – cut scene – and it’s a bright sunny morning and everythings OK.  People are swimming happily and there’s no cello music and no sign of a shark!

Seventy two this time – in twos.  And this time we get details,

‘Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.’

and Jesus is jubilant – full of joy he reveals a little more of his relationship with the Father.

And then comes another of the great parables in Luke which introduces a word into our language with a very different meaning to the one Jesus’ first hearers would have given to it.

The Good Samaritan

Every Jew of 1st century Palestine would tell you the only Good Samaritan is a dead Samaritan.

They were hated!  A half breed sect, who didn’t worship properly but pretended to be Jewish!!!  They would even add days to their journeys from Gallilee down to Jerusalem to avoid travelling through Samaritan territory!

Read the story with THAT thought in your head.

A revered priest passes by, a respected teacher walks by, and a hated religious nutter stops to help.


Who’s job is it to fight the demon war?  YOURS! Jesus says to the disciples.

Who’s job is it to help those in need? YOURS! Jesus says to the teacher of the law, becuase even the crackpots from Samaria know how to behave better than YOU do!

Who’s job is it to do the same today?



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