Luke 11 – Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild

Luke 11 – Click here for the audio version from Bible Gateway

There is a huge benefit to reading the Bible in larger sections as we are doing this month with Luke.  You can’t leave out the bits you don’t like.

My guess is you know the prayer at the start of this chapter – its VERY familiar and even those who don’t go to Church know it!

But what about the rest of the Chapter?

Do you know it?

Have you read it?

Do we EVER read it aloud in Church??

Because it doesn’t really go with the picture here.

We like pictures of Gentle Jesus Meek and Mild – they are lovely – they make us feel warm – AND THEY SHOULD because Jesus REALLY loves us and REALLY cares.  But if this picture is the only one we have – if the first eleven verses of Luke 11 are all we read, then we won’t know who Jesus REALLY is.

Luke doesn’t gloss over the questions “who is this Jesus?”  We get the whole picture – we see him praying, caring, healing, challenging and rebuking!

Just read again from verse 29 onwards!

This is not a happy Jesus.  This is not a smiley Jesus!  This is (to use a phrase that our IF young peoples group coined out of surprise) Smitey Jesus.

This is a Jesus who is cross.  This is a Jesus who is willing to take on the self righteous religious leaders.  This is a Jesus who has come to challenge the status quo.  This is a Jesus not to cross!

Meek – Mild – NOPE!

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