Luke 9 – What Changed?

Luke 9 – Click here for the audio version from Bible Gateway

What happened?

Jesus sends out the twelve, 5,000 men (and uncounted Women and children) get fed with five loaves and two fishes, Peter declares Jesus to be the Messiah.

Trumpet Fanfare – Heavenly Choir – Special Effects of Clouds Gathering – Backlit Saviour – End Credits….

“Oh wait – guys (and girls cos you’re here too even though the blokes will only mention it once) – I’m going to die!”


For a brief moment we do see Jesus in all His glory, ah, Fanfare time….

But no – the demon wars erupt again – satan hasn’t gone far – the war still rages

And Jesus, just to make sure the guys have got it this time says “It’s going to get bad!”

And it does – straight away – opposition from the Samaritans and a whle heap of excuses.

Picture the disciples sat around the fire whilst Jesus goes off to pray, talking amongst themselves, asking themselves,

“What changed?”

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