Luke 15 – Lost

I don’t know where it fits in the word count, but this chapter feels like it sits at the very heart of Luke’s Gospel.

Three parables – Boom – Boom – Boom – each hot on the heels of the previous one.

Luke has been softening us up for this – All that has gone before identifies Jesus as the one who has come to seek and save the lost, and now for those of us who are a bit slow here is the sucker punch.

Jesus is the one who seeks the lost.  

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who will risk all for the lost Sheep

God is the Father who runs (Middle Eastern Men NEVER ran) to a son stinking of pig muck (making him spiritually unclean as well as physically) and offers not a telling off but a party – Grace – getting what we don’t deserve.

Read these stories again – and again.  If you remember one chapter of Luke’s Gospel, remember this one.  

Luke 15


Lost is FOUND!

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