Luke 21 – A generous widow and some clueless disciples

Yet another contrast between those things at the core of Jesus’ message and those things that don’t matter in the Kingdom/

As you read Luke chapter 21 the story of the Widow putting two coins into the temple treasury it fits very much into Luke’s narrative of the poor being those who belong in God’s Kingdom, who worship properly, who give God his due.

But the disciples are clueless.  They immediately ignore the woman and start to comment how classy the temple is.

The narrative takes a dark turn at this point as Jesus begins to describe the fall of the temple, the desecration of Jerusalem, and even the martyrdom of the Disciples! 

Look ahead to chapter 22 – Jesus trial and crucifixion are imminent.  These words at the end of chapter 21 are some of the last words that Luke records Jesus speaking publicly in the temple courts.  Jesus knows what is coming and in telling his disciples he gives them one message – “stand firm!”

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