December 1st – It’s Exciting

December 1st – It’s a strange day to start an Advent Calendar really, because it’s nothing special.

It’s a Saturday this year (hooray).  All the Church excitement is tomorrow as we light our first candle on the Advent Crown.  The months are artificial – they are no longer “Moonths” – 28 day cycles to mark the phases of the moon – atomic clocks are much more accurate than moon, stars and planets.

Yet it causes huge excitement in me.  Every Advent I get a thrill as we get out the various objects and calendars that have become our family and church family tradition.  Something special is on the way.

Is that how Mary felt as her baby began to move and kick?
Is that how heaven felt as the Angel left to visit Mary?
Is that how God felt as he contemplated creation?

It’s exciting isn’t it!

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