December 19th – Foreigners

The Jewish nation prided itself on its status as God’s chosen people.

Even Samaria – Part of the old Jewish Kingdoms was considered “foreign” because the people there had married outside of the Jewish race.

The Shepherds who were visited by the Angels were smelly, but at least they were Jewish!  Jesus was the Jewish Messiah – the one sent to the Jews.  That was what God had promised.

So why have we got foreign astrologers turning up to try and find him?

Foreigners!  illegals!  Outsiders!

But just take a moment and think.  Who was this New Born King revealed to?

The lowest of the low and foreign dignitaries.

Perhaps this child was to be far more than just the Jewish Messiah.  Perhaps the hints in the writing of the Prophets from hundreds of years before might just be true,.  That this child wouldn’t just save Israel…

But that he would be the Saviour of the World!

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