December 20th – Follow the Star

This year the national Church of England Christmas campaign uses these words as a hash tag.


The Wise men saw a sign and followed it.  They saw something special happening and said “We need to be a part of that!” 

It’s so easy in our world to be a bystander. To sit on the sidelines and watch whilst others explore or play or grow or challenge.

It’s not enough just to see the signs.  We have to do something about it.

The Wise Men could have avoided a long, difficult and dangerous journey if they’d just stayed in the East and waited for news to reach them.  The Shepherds wouldn’t have faced the sack for leaving the sheep to the attacks of wolves and lions and bears (yes they were all around in Israel in those days) if they’d decided to wait until later.

It’s not enough in our day to see things happening and not act.  To see injustice and shrug? Or to see people living life to the full and deciding to sit on the sidelines.

It’s not time to look to the stars. 

It’s time to follow!


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