Nearly 400 years leaders of the Church in England and Scotland wrote down what they thought about God and the world.  The first thing they said was that the main purpose of human beings was “to glorify God and enjoy him forever“.

That’s exactly what we aim for in our worship

– to glorify God – to tell Him how special we think He is & to celebrate his love for us
– to enjoy Him – Worship isn’t meant to be boring – we are allowed to enjoy it!

Not convinced?  Well, we’re not perfect!  We try our best to take the best music from the modern day and the hymn books our grandparents knew and loved; to pray, not just to ask God for a list of things we want sorted, but to really get close to God, and to see miracles happen; to learn to hear God speaking to us, through the bible, through the preacher and through one another!

And then, what happens when we meet, either on a Sunday, a Tuesday, or any other day of the week, the challenge is for the time we spend with God to have an effect on the other 160-odd hours of the week.

We aren’t members of a club – we aim to be disciples of Jesus – people who want to learn to be more like Jesus and to share his love with the world.

Music Group

Music is an important part of our worship at All Saints and our music group meets most weeks to practice, to choose music and to enjoy playing and singing.  If you are even a little bit musical check the calendar for the next practice and come and join us.