Tower Gang

Welcome to the Tower Gang page!

Programme for this term (Sep – Dec 2014) is now here.  Our theme is: What’s your story?  (Looking at our testimonies, and hearing from visitors from our church family)


VENUE:     All Saints Church – Tower room

DAY:           Alternative Friday evenings

TIME:         6.45pm – 8.45pm

COST:        £1: goes into a savings pot for you for when we have special events

WHO:        For Y7 – Y11


Here’s what we’re all about.  We aim:


  • TO GROW: To help young people mature holistically as a disciple of Jesus – socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

To grow in respect for each other (like family)
To grow in responsibility (within the group, the church and the community)
To encourage some to grow as young leaders in the church and community (PCC involvement)

  • TO CONNECT: To engage in the local community by learning from key people and working for the good of others.

To make appropriate relationships with peers and adults.

  • TO LEARN: To explore issues relating to young people through:

discussion (small group and one to one)
visiting speakers and
Bible study

  • TO PLAY: To get active, stay healthy, gain interests and to have fun.


Alvin Langham – 07751 062535

Mike North – 07824 641832

Helen Bradshaw – 01302 339934


Please ensure you complete a 2013-2014 consent form to attend Tower Gang.


Part of All Saints Church

Contact Rev Stephen Gardner on tel: 01302 339618

Join the Tower Gang Facebook group here (if you belong to the Tower Gang, that is!)

Bishop Steven visits the Tower Room!